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Treasure At Tampines Condo: Your Business Friendly Place

If you are into a business that involves the engagement of the common masses then the place where your business is set up is quite important. the place is important as the involvement of the clients would result in better business and ultimately into a higher profit. So if you are a resident of the city of Singapore you would be needing a condominium for your business to touch new skylines. One of the best condos that is available in the city is Treasure at Tampines, which is from the famous developer Sim Liam group. Some of the benefits of taking the place on lease or maybe buying it are written below, so do give them a look.

Some details worth knowing about

The place is made at the place of the company’s former place the Tampines Court which was made in the year 1984 and was awarded the world habitat award for human settlement and development by the foundation of social housing and building of the UN.

A hub for employment

The place is situated at one of the economical centers making it prone to a lot of engagement with the people related in the business. The place is also furnished with the hospitals and educational centers near it, hence people who are living there for residential purposes would also be not causing any problem. The place is also near the railway stations and also near to the supermarket where people could get the items for their usage. So if you are having some doubts regarding the same then don’t, as the place is situated almost at the center of the city has all the resources near the place.

If you are looking for getting a condominium for residential or business purpose then Treasure at Tampines is the place for you.

Facilities Provided At Singapore Condos

Singapore condos are the only option, which is attracting a number of people. Well, condos are basically similar to the apartments, and these are the ideal option for living. While you are single or have a large family, the new launch of condos will be a great choice. The Singapore condos are situated near a lot of facilities, which are necessary. In order to know about the nearby facilities, you just need to read the below described factor.


For families, it is really important to have a school near the residential area. By this, parents can basically stay away from the tension of picking and dropping the child to school. Children can go to their schools by covering the walking distance without any problem.

Shopping malls

There are also many shopping malls near the condos. These malls contain a number of different retail shops where we are able to grab the desired clothing items and different accessories. We can see many people, who love to wear trendy clothes and also love to keep in touch with the current fashion.

If you are also one of them, then it will be the best ever option. In addition to this, such shopping malls also have some famous restaurant brands. So, we can also eat favorite food items along with the huge variety. The best part is that these food items are affordable so we also don’t need to think about the budget.


Singapore condos also provide the guard house so that we can stay safe and feel secure. This is one of the best facilities because security matters a lot. The security guard will also manage the record of each and everyone. There are few people, who think that these condos are not safe to live; however, this is just a misconception.