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How to Increase YouTube Viewership for Free

If you want to know how to get more youtube views, one of the tips that you might have heard is for you to buy followers. While this may be effective for a while, and serves as a shortcut, the reality is that this does not guarantee anything in the long run, and getting bad quality followers and a sudden surge in followers may ultimately cause your channel to be deleted, and cause more harm on your part than good. With that said, here are some fool proof, and free means in order for you to increase the number of views that you have on your channel.

Arrange Videos Accordingly

Always put the freshest videos upfront. Make sure that the ones that are recently uploaded are the ones that viewers get to see. This will help to make the organization of videos relevant, current, and of course, up-to-date, and thus keep your viewer’s attention.

Create “Clickbait” Titles

Make your titles attractive, or something that would enthral people to actually click them. In doing so, keep your titles short as well. Keep in mind the things that will make you want to click on videos, for the things that attract you are things that may attract others as well.

The Description Matters

Apart from the title, keep a good description, too. Keep the messages short but entertaining, as well as effectively describing what is going on in the video, but not too much to spoil what the viewers will be seeing in the video.

Post Regularly

To sustain the number of followers you have, as well as continue the increase thereof, make it a point to stay true to your schedule. Posting sporadically will end up causing people to lose track and forget about your channel.

5 Biggest Beginner Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them Fast

Starting a blog is not a tough feat. However beginner bloggers tend to make some mistakes that can prove costly for them in the long run. Let’s take a look at the 5 biggest beginner blogging mistakes and how to quickly fix them.

  1. Using a Free Content Creating Platform

Like or Blogger, these free platforms are easy to start a blog. But it always wise to have your blog independently, albeit with a little cost. You can easily transfer your domain from the free platforms to and buy some server space for your blog. This reflects you are serious about your blog and creates a nice first impression on your visitors.

  1. Not Blogging Consistently

This is a grave mistake to make when you are starting a blog. Remember you’re here to build content without which your readers will lose interest in your site. It is important to write a lot and write consistently to establish your blog among several others.

  1. Not having an Email List

And why? It is very important that you have a subscription option in your blog page which is clearly visible. When people subscribe to your blog via their emails, your new post notifications hit their inbox every time you publish a new post. This in turn results in conversions.

  1. Not Paying Attention to Website Loading Speed

When a website loads slowly, people tend to move away from that website. So it is important that you optimize your picture sizes before posting them on your blog. There are plugins too which help you load your site fast.

  1. Not Taking Care of Readability

It is very important to write like you talk. Use short, crisp sentences, and maintain an active voice in your posts. Also use bold letters and subheadings throughout your post and write short paragraphs.

Which Top 5 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Pay High Amounts In 2018?

Opening up a domain might be very confusing at first. You might not know where to start and how to design your whole website head to toe for it to be perfect. There are so many options to look for and find the best ones too. The prices that are offered on different websites too are tricky to choose from because there are different options and variations in services each time you go through a new web hosting service page.

The features and services provided by a host are most important alongside the costing. There are so many affiliate programs available too which work on a different basis. So which are the top web hosting services available in the year 2018?

  • Hostgator web hosting affiliate program:

This hosting service is based on commissions through each referral which is successful. The referrals are successful after a person or customer taps on “click reference”. It also works upon signup commissions too. Each signup you get adds to your monthly income. For example, if you get around 10 signups per month it might add up to $2,000. By end of each month, the payroll is sent to you.

  • WP Engine affiliate program:

For every new customer you get a minimum of $180 monthly. Here, in this when you send the referrals too, you get a paycheck with bonuses! Incentive bonus which starts at 5 sales monthly is given out.

  • Bluehost affiliate program:

This service is best for dedicated promoters. Each promotion ends up with a huge commission amount that is paid on monthly basis. And for each qualified purchase that is recorded, you get the commission after 45 days.

  • Cloudways emerging affiliate program:

It is user-friendly, there are no limitations over a contract, commissions are recurring, a 24×7 support is available and there is also an account management system.

  • HostRocket program:

Generous commissions are given for each successful sell out of a product that you have sent out referrals to. The payment is again on monthly basis.