Bankruptcy will stay on credit report for 10-long-years. Needless to mention it means a severe blow to your credit rating. It may hamper your possibilities of getting a necessary loan in near future. However, if you put serious efforts to improve your credit rating, you may save yourself from the damaging aftermath on your credit report post bankruptcy. Here are the expert tips to follow.

Chalk out a budget

A well-planned budget will help you to maintain a healthy financial life and avoid unnecessary debts that may cause further damage to your credit rating. A top bankruptcy attorney San Diego California will always suggest you to follow the famous 50-30-20 plan for your budget. It means 50 percent of your earnings (after tax payments) should go for necessities and 30 percent for wants. The remaining 20 percent must be allotted to debt repayment and savings. Alongside, you should always make space to create an emergency fund to take care of your rainy days.

Check credit report

You can get your credit reports for free. It’s to note here faulty numbers of credit reports are not uncommon. So, you must keep tab on credit reports at regular intervals to weed out any such possibilities.

Get a Secured Card

A Secured Card (credit card) will help to improve your credits to a great extent till you finally acquire the eligibility to get an unsecured card. Secured cards are backed by the deposit paid by applicant card holder. The card’s credit limit will be equivalent to your deposit.

Get a co-signer

Do you have a reliable and sympathetic family member or friend with excellent credit history? Then you can request him or her to stand as the co-signer for your loan or credit card. It will help a lot to up your credit rating.