Tips and Tricks to Win the Gem Grab Event in Brawl Stars

The gem grab event is one the many game modes available for the players of Brawl Stars. It may be difficult for some to conquer but with these brawl stars cheats, not anymore! We will give you the different tips and tricks to definitely win that gem grab event over.

Gem Grab Tips and Tricks

Aside from brawl stars hack for free gems, these gem grab tips and tricks are also most googled by the players of the game.

Guard the hole with your life

When playing gem grab, it is all about the teamwork and making sure that you know the role you are playing in the team. It is also very important to come up with a gameplay so that all the members of the team know what to do in specific situations. These situations include guarding the mineshaft and collecting gems. You should decide among yourselves who will be the gatherer and the hunters.

Take it slow

When the battle begins, make sure to take your time in the game. It is relevant to take a step back and think about what your enemies will. Let your enemies do their thing and you can attack from the distance. Let them go towards the danger zone then blast them hard.

Quick-fire attacks

When enemies are closer, you must be able to do a quick-fire attack especially when your enemies are close. To do this, just click on the screen multiple times. Also, make sure that when you do this, your ammo is full. One disadvantage about this thing is that your ammo will deplete very quickly so make sure that you have enough to go on the entire game. Lastly, you can also encourage your team members to do the same.