What One Should Know About Clash Of Clan Cheats

Clash of Clans is a very popular and one of the top-rated free games for both Android and IOS devices. Introduced in 2012, I have been a global hit in terms of active players over the years and has been a very successful strategic game. Also, the hackers have now found cheats and hack to stay ahead in the game which is being countered by the developers. But it is also known that the game is really tricky and difficult to climb up the ladder and can consume a lot of time and energy just to upgrade and collect resources. Hence, let’s look at some of the coc cheats in this article.

Resource Oriented:

  • Get Free Elixir

Just ensure that your army camps are operating at full capacity and then initiate the laboratory upgrade for wall breakers and queue as many in barracks. Once the lab has finished, it will give you a refund or the troops at upgraded elixir cost.

  • Protection of Elixir

Let your army camps be at full capacity and then queue as many wall breakers possible in your barracks, the elixir will then be spent, leaving you with no risk. Just cancel the build order when playing next and elixir will be restored.

Game Oriented

When you begin to play the game as a beginner, make sure to join a clan to add productivity to your own game. Donated troops and coordinated raids help you to reap some big rewards. Also, build structures in a planned and close together as they can be easy to defend and turrets can cover more at once with as many walls between resources and outside. Remember to place your strongest defense unit at a central location. Use your gems and resources wisely as they are hard to come by and be careful in sending too many troops to attack at once.